"You can keep doing
the same old marketing you've always done,

Find your true market and become
their one and only choice today!

or you can choose to lead your market!"

In the end, it's really your choice and your commitment to that choice that matters. Do you have a vision of quantum growth, to take your business to the next level -- to explode your marketing nationally, even internationally? WEB3Direct, Inc. is focused on helping companies of vision achieve explosive, exponential quantum growth through powerful, intelligent proven strategies and Master Marketing.

Compelling Direct Response Marketing is always the most economical way to target and reach your market. The effectiveness of our guerrilla-style marketing strategies are easy to measure by how many sales result -- how many convert -- how many buy. No one "silver bullet" marketing approach works for every product or service, and no marketing campaign is ever "as good as it gets." Master Marketing constantly tests, tweaks and improves results.

W. Emerson Brantley III

Most companies keep doing the same marketing over and over, somehow expecting different results!
But like a sled-dog team, unless you're the lead dog, the scenery never changes!

Out of 7500 successful marketing campaigns we've never found any results we couldn't improve -- whether traditional or online marketing. With over 237 combined years of direct response marketing and copywriting experience, we're confident we can improve whatever marketing results you may have had up till now. You'll find lots of examples in our Marketing Case Histories, then read what our clients have to say.

We look at your entire business, not just your marketing. You might say we're "holistic" in our marketing approach. In addition to being a Master Direct Marketer and compelling copywriter, Emerson Brantley has served on the board of four international business funding and growth companies; Rud Bergfeld has over 40 years experience in international business and financing; and award-winning marketing copywriter Dave Montgomery has an extensive award-winning marketing agency background and is a powerful copywriter in his own "write!" Even in today's seemingly bleak business market, if you have a vision for quantum growth it is easier to explode your business, and there is more capital available for valid business projects today, than at any time in history.

If you have the vision, we can help you create dynamic marketing or secure the funding to take your business to the next level as well.

Let's explore the possibilities!



"Yesterday's best is
tomorrow's test."